Welcome to the Neuro Health Project

Our Mission

At the Neuro Change Institute®, our relentless mission is to transform the world by nurturing free mental health and well-being for all.
Through the Neuro Health Project, founded on evidence-based practices, we empower individuals to embark on a path toward improved mental health.

There is an urgent need
Have you read the 2022 WHO report highlighting the critical state of mental health services worldwide? We have, and it has ignited a deep determination to make a difference.

Join a HUB or Start a HUB

Our vision goes beyond personal growth; it’s a call to action. We invite you to join our movement as a HUB leader, as we strategically position HUBs in every town and city across the globe. Together, we will establish a network of compassion and support, reaching those in need, regardless of their location.

As a HUB Leader you will be trained to deliver prewritten sessions online to HUB members. We supply everything to a letter that you need to effectively and compassionatley help people.

The WHO report references research findings that indicate individuals with lived experience can provide substantial support to people facing mental health challenges.

Here's What We're Doing To Address This Pervasive Issue:

Setting up thousands of Neuro Health HUBs globally: These HUBs will offer free community-based mental wellness sessions to assist people in need.

Supporting HUB Leaders: We provide guidance and help to HUB Leaders to launch and grow their HUB memberships.

Making the service for members FREE: We are committed to ensuring that our services remain accessible to all.

How Can You Get Involved?

JOIN A HUB: Click here to find your nearest HUB (FIND YOUR HUB LINK IS COMING SOON). Participation in HUB activities is entirely free, forever.

Feel free to reach out to us to determine your suitability for becoming a HUB Leader.

START A HUB: Speak to us about training to become a HUB leader.

Step One: Become a certified Neuro Health Practitioner

Step Two: Attend HUB launch training and support your members

Step Three: Join the Neuro Health Project community for ongoing support and training