The science of mental health

Module 1: What Is Mental Health?

We start the session by checking our intuitive understanding of mental health against the research literature. You get a strong sense of the warning signs of poor mental health, and what good mental health looks like.

Module 2: Support Your Brain Health to Support Your Mental Health

Mental and physical health are so closely intertwined that it is hard to separate them. The most foundational element of good mental health is good brain health. This module investigates why you need a healthy brain, and how you can go about supporting brain health.

Module 3: Psychological Well-Being

In addition to your brain health, mental health is influenced by your psychological well-being. Psychological well-being has three elements: hedonic well-being, eudaimonic well-being, and resilience.

Module 4: The Science of Emotional Regulation

Good mental health is strongly correlated with good emotional regulation. Emotional regulation is a key component of hedonic well-being. By regulating your emotional responses, you can:

Module 5: Change Your Stress Mindset by Rethinking What You Know About Stress

Using the same functional model that Module 4 uses for emotions, we try to express the value of stress. By understanding the physiology of your stress response, you can:

Module 6: Finding Meaning in Life

Meaning and purpose have a big influence on your eudaimonic well-being. By examining your purpose and values, you can:

Module 7: Maintaining Good Mental Healthy by Building Resilience

Resilience is the ability to withstand adversity and bounce back from difficult life events. It promotes a process of positive adaptation in the face of challenging circumstances while maintaining mental health. It is about being able to reach into your inner reserves and reach out to others for support. By building resilience, you can maintain a good level of hedonic well-being. Being resilient also helps you to live into your values and purpose.

Module 8: How Do I Know if My Mental Health Is Improving?

The activities we have used in this session give you a clear indication of where your mental health is right now. After learning more about emotional regulation, stress mindsets, meaning in life, and cultivating resilience, your mental health will hopefully continue to improve, even after this session is done. This module considers some of the ways you can measure whether your mental health is indeed improving over time.

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