You Can Change Your Mind in 30 Action Steps: A Six-Week Program for Early Adulthood

Module 1: You Can Change Your Mind

We start the session off with an introduction to how the brain works. Your brains allow you to take action, learn new things, and get better at things you already do. To do this, your brain physically changes. It literally grows new connections between neurons and strengthens existing connections. This is called neuroplasticity

Module 2: What Do You Want to Change First?

Neuroplasticity is very freeing. It means that you are always able to change if you want to – know, or as you get older. The only thing to decide is: what do you want to change first? In this module, we look at how to become more self-aware. This will allow you to identify the limiting beliefs you have about yourself that are holding you back. You may want to consider picking one of these beliefs to change first.

Module 3: Become an Ally to Yourself

As you change your mind, you want to be kind to yourself. You want to make sure your environment is as conducive to healthy change as possible. In this module, we also cover some emotional regulation strategies you can use if you can’t change your environment further. Lastly, this module encourages you to allow yourself to be happy. Positive emotions work in powerful ways. You should make the most of them.

Module 4: Two Science-Backed Tools for Changing Your Mind

In this module, we cover deliberate practice and implementation intentions. These tools allow you to get better at changing the thoughts, feelings, or actions you identified in Module 2.

Module 5: Breaking It Down – What to Actually Do to Change Your Mind

This module gives you all the tools you need to get started. We walk you through goal-setting, creating bite-sized actionable steps, and measuring your progress.

Module 6: Putting It All Together

Now that you have all of the tools you need, we will spend some time together creating a roadmap that you can use over the next six weeks.

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The content of the You Can Change Your Mind course is designed for use by Neuro Change Practitioners with clients in early adulthood. The content is structured to be used in a full-day training session:

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