Become a Corporate Trainer – Teach the Science of Excellence™

Are you ready to elevate your career and become a catalyst for transformation in the corporate world? As a Corporate Trainer, you have the power to inspire, educate, and empower individuals and teams to achieve their highest potential. At the Neuro Change Institute®, we are dedicated to excellence in training, ensuring that our methods are grounded in the latest scientific research and best practices.

Our comprehensive training program is designed to equip you with the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to thrive as a Corporate Trainer. You will learn how to deliver ready to go and impactful training sessions, foster a positive learning environment, and drive measurable results within organizations. Whether you aim to enhance employee performance, improve leadership skills, or foster a culture of continuous improvement, our program will provide you with the tools to make a significant impact.

Join us on a journey of professional growth and become a part of a community committed to excellence, innovation, and the power of evidence-based practice. Transform your career and the lives of those you train by becoming a Corporate Trainer with the Neuro Change Institute®. Your path to making a lasting difference starts here

The Science of Excellence™- An Over-view

As a corporate trainer delivering the Science of Excellence™, you’ll be at the forefront of human excellence. Armed with research-based tools, you will empower organizations to win and galvanize every staff member around the central theme and mission of the company. The Science of Excellence™ incorporates not just company goals of employee engagement, performance and motivation but carefully considers each individual to create harmony, balance, and mental wellbeing.

Science of Excellence Units

Step 1:
Goal Setting

Step 2:
Purpose and Goal Setting

Step 3:
Beliefs and Goal Setting

Step 4:
Mindset, Beliefs, and Goal Setting

Step 5:
Subconscious Motivation

Step 6:
Emotional Regulation and Working with Others

Step 7:
Neuroplasticity, Learning, and Performance

Step 8:
Neuroplasticity and Personal Development

Step 9:
Summary and Next Steps