From Training to Accreditation

The Gold Standard in a New Industry

Since 1990 our parent company has delivered training to hundreds of thousands of people.

Recent discoveries in Mind Sciences have moved towards more reliable evidence-based training like ours. We have a motto at the Neuro Change Institute:

“If it is not evidence-based, it is not in our programs.”

NCI offers the only independent credentialing program for Neuro Change practitioners. NCI credentials are awarded to professional practitioners who have met stringent education and experience requirements and have demonstrated a thorough understanding of the Neuro Change competencies that set the standard in the profession. Achieving credentials through NCI signifies a practitioner’s commitment to integrity, knowledge, and mastery of the Neuro Change Method, and dedication to clients.

The Power of Three

We offer three levels of membership to enable greater accessibility, flexibility and choice. These levels align with the required experience and education to achieve each credential. As a member you can choose the best level for you.


Identify Your Level


Member Benefits Include:

Professional Member

Professional Member Benefits Also Include:

Accredited Member

Accredited Member Benefits Also Include:

3 Steps Towards Accreditation

Step One: Client Hours

Immediately After Your Course You Can Work With Clients Applying the Neuro Change Method

To receive your accreditation you will need to accrue practitioner hours with clients. Some of these hours can be pro bono work but at least 75% must be paid for consulting, whether on on one with clients or in front of public or corporate groups.

Step Two: Undergo Mentoring

We Have Set High Standards

Appreciating the depth and breadth of the materials requires a Mentor, someone who is already experienced with the Method. A Mentor will guide you through more fully understanding the Neuro Change Method. Your Mentor can also assist you with curating the materials for any audience.

Step Three: Submit Your Application

Apply for Accreditation

There are many benefits to accreditation. First and foremost, you’ll be recognized as someone who has undergone a rigorous training and accreditation process. You’ll be sought after, and you’ll have your own listing on this website as a recommended Neuro Change Practitioner.

Become a Mentor

Help Us in the Accreditation Process by Mentoring Graduates

Mentor opportunities are limited in each geographical area and are offered to fully accredited Neuro Change Practitioners.